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Curved sensor from SONY [Patent]

SONY filed a patent for the production method of a curved sensor.

【公開番号】特開2021-108427(P2021-108427A) click here

Figure 3D
JPA 503108427_i_000008.jpg

Figure 3F
JPA 503108427_i_000010.jpg


Optics for EVF without a vignetting from FUJIFILM [Patent]

FUJIFILM filed a patent discussing optics for EVF without a vignetting.

【公開番号】特開2021-103266(P2021-103266A) click here

Embodiment 1
JPA 503103266_i_000024.jpg

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24-75mm F2.5 for 35mm full-frame cameras from NITTOH [Patent]

NITTOH filed a patent describing 24-75mm F2.5 for 35mm full-frame mirrorless cameras, maybe for cinema cameras of ARRI.


This patent maybe for ARRI SIGNATURE ZOOM 24-75 / T2.8.

Embodiment 1
F number: 2.57
Half angle of view (degree): 42.6 - 15.9
Image height (mm): 21.5
JPA 503099468_i_000003.jpg

Embodiment 2
F number: 2.57
Half angle of view (degree): 42.6 - 16.9
Image height (mm): 21.5
JPA 503099468_i_000010.jpg
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