Wide-angle prime lenses from the collaborative work of KONIKA-MINOLTA with NIKON [Patent]

KONIKA-MINOLTA and NIKON filed patents of wide-angle prime lenses for millerless cameras.

【公開番号】特開2019-90947(P2019-90947A) click here
【公開番号】特開2019-90948(P2019-90948A) click here
【公開番号】特開2019-90949(P2019-90949A) click here

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 1 in P2019-90947A
f: 1.57 mm
FNO: 1.85
2ω: 64.9
TL: 4.483 mm
JPA 501090947_i_000005.jpg

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 1 in P2019-90948A
f : 1.13 mm
FNO: 1.85
2ω: 83.0
TL: 4.414 mm
JPA 501090948_i_000005.jpg

NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S?
Embodiment 4 in P2019-90947A
JPA 501090947_i_000008.jpg
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Hi there!

Good catch. The drawings of example 4 in P2019-90947A, example 5 in P2019-90948A and example 4 in P2019-90949A are very close to the optical formula of Nikkor Z 35mm f/1.8 S.

Yet these three examples are supposed to be 1.57mm f/1.85 lenses with a 64.9° angle of view, i.e. lenses with an image circle's radius of 1mm, i.e. lenses designed for a tiny 1/8" sensor.

by Mistral75 (2019-06-17 00:33) 


Correction: example 3 in P2019-90949A. Sorry for that。
by Mistral75 (2019-06-17 00:34) 


Hi Mistral75,

The angle of view and FNO are important in these patents, not a focal length. Because the focal length is dependent on the size of optical system, but both of them are a fixed value in any scaled lenses。
by hi-low (2019-06-17 15:39) 


Indeed one can 'scale up' a lens but this camouflage is odd.

Good thing you were there to reveal the patent requests and their significance。
by Mistral75 (2019-06-17 16:41) 


Hi Mistral75

For example, Fujifilm has the patent of lens with the focal length of 1 mm.

'Scale up' seems unusual, but not strange。
by hi-low (2019-06-18 00:08)