33mm F0.94 for APS-C sensor from CANON [Patent]

CANON filed a patent describing a focal reducer making 33mm F0.94 lens for APS-C sensor from 50mm F1.4 for 35mm full-frame sensor.

【公開番号】特開2021-167921(P2021-167921A) click here

Master lens
Focal length (mm): 51.46
F number: 1.45
Half angle of view (degree): 22.80
Image height (mm): 21.64
Lens length (mm): 94.41
Back focus (mm): 39.81
JPA 503167921_i_000019.jpg

With embodiment 4
Focal length (mm): 33.45
F number: 0.94
Half angle of view (degree): 22.42
Image height (mm): 13.80
Lens length (mm): 91.91
Back focus (mm): 9.73
JPA 503167921_i_000011.jpg

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