GF 30mm F4.5 and 35mm F4 from FUJIFILM [Patent]

FUJIFILM filed a patent describing 30mm F4.5 and 35mm F4 for mirrorless cameras with a medium size format (44 x 33 mm) sensor.

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【公開番号】特開2021-131425(P2021-131425A) click here

Embodiment 1
JPA 503131425_i_000004.jpg
JPA 503131425_i_000026.jpg

Embodiment 2
JPA 503131425_i_000007.jpg
JPA 503131425_i_000028.jpg

Embodiment 3
JPA 503131425_i_000010.jpg
JPA 503131425_i_000030.jpg

Embodiment 4
JPA 503131425_i_000013.jpg
JPA 503131425_i_000032.jpg

Embodiment 5
JPA 503131425_i_000016.jpg
JPA 503131425_i_000034.jpg

Embodiment 6
JPA 503131425_i_000019.jpg
JPA 503131425_i_000036.jpg

Embodiment 7
JPA 503131425_i_000022.jpg
JPA 503131425_i_000038.jpg

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