1:1 Macro and Standard Zoom lenses for 35mm full-frame mirrorless from TAMRON [Patent]

TAMRON filed two patents, 1:1 Macro lens and Standard Zoom lens, for 35mm full-frame mirrorless cameras.

1:1 Macro
【公開番号】特開2021-9262(P2021-9262A) click here

Embodiment 1
Focal length: 92.6989, 36.6463 mm (INF, β=1.01)
F number: 2.8801, 5.7890 (INF, β=1.01)
Half angle of view: 12.8942, 9.5622 (INF, β=1.01)
MOD: 105.4453 mm
JPA 503009262_i_000003.jpg

Embodiment 5
Focal length: 87.2998, 34.1392 mm (INF, β=1.01)
F number: 2.8798, 5.7893 (INF, β=1.01)
Half angle of view: 13.4082, 9.2930 (INF, β=1.01)
MOD: 107.4033 mm
JPA 503009262_i_000015.jpg

Standard Zoom
【公開番号】特開2021-9217(P2021-9217A) click here

Embodiment 2: 24-70mm F4
Focal length: 24.714 40.968 67.899 mm
F number: 4.100 4.100 4.100
Half angle of view: 42.458 27.220 17.161
JPA 503009217_i_000007.jpg
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An Interchangeable-Lens Handy Gimbal Camera from CANON [Patent]

CANON filed a patent of an interchangeable-lens gimbal camera.
In this patent, sensor size is not documented and a gimbal system is passive.

【公開番号】特開2021-4930(P2021-4930A) click here
JPA 503004930_i_000003.jpg
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